I Miss Her !

I know this may sound strange but I feel like I miss someone. And it's getting really bad. In some of my dreams there is this girl that always saves me from something or which is always there for me. She always bursts into tears whenever she sees me and when I ask her why is she crying she says " because I missed you". During one of my more lucid dreams I asked her if she remembers me, and again she burst into tears and said: " how can I ever forget you".

The weird part is that she doesn't seem of this world. I can barely see her face but I know that she's just like me. I know it may sound weird but that's exactly how I feel: " that she is JUST LIKE ME".

I think she is out there, on my home planet... and I think that she's really lonely.

What do you think?
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Hello. I'd like to speak with you Xenoguy. Please message me.

I found her...

Where? :)

In the metro ^_^


Read my newest story: I found her!

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wait even i am waiting........

tell me..

if u really really love someone, whole universe comes together to help you...i believe this theory.....hope this would help you....

I can relate to this, but as the cynic that I am, I put it into perspective: it's fantasy, it's desire, it's unhappiness with reality.
The alien being that I miss pretty much is an alternative personification of someone I do miss and who contributed a big chunk to my sense of 'self' after my broken youth and confusing puberty.
She's both love and me, she stands for what it's like to love yourself and be inspired by other women I admired: she's basicly a metaphore for the selflove that I miss in my life. :-)

Maybe the girl from your dreams is a metaphore too?

I know exactly how you feel!!! I try to live my life missing someone I've never met. I think they are still on our home planet/dimension. I don't know if I will ever meet them in this life. life seems so empty without them but I try to carry on. I am sad that you are also experiencing this but for the first time have heard of another feeling the same. it's magically sad.

One day... maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow nor in the next 10 years... maybe not even in this life time but ONE DAY I know that I will find her... I know that just as I know that you too will find the ones you seek.

Have hope!

I can understand this. It's sort of how I feel with what may be my past life.

Do tell!

I've been having constant dreams about a girl who looks almost exactly like me, but it seems to be more of an ancient time period. I have also been getting Deja-vu for certain things that I've seen her do, that I've now done. I think she could be my past life.

She is a part of you. A part of you that needs acceptance. That needs you to pull on with all the calamities you face. She needs you to believe. She seeks love just like you.

Thank you for the comment. It is one of the most beautiful things I've read. It's nice to be able to share things like this with some one. Somehow... I know she's there... and I know that I MUST find her... then I'll be free.


even if you do find her, what do you think are you going to tell her? silence does speak more than words, but there is some way you have to reach out to her, don't you?

Yes, I do need to reach out to her. Right now, I can only do that while dreaming but I'll keep looking, everywhere I can and even though in my dreams I can't really see her face, I have this feeling that if I'll see her " I'll know it's her" and I think she'll recognize me too. I gotta keep looking, I gotta find her... I feel like she's in need of help, and so am I

No matter how lost you feel. Never give up hope.

I won't. Not until I find her at least. For some reason I cannot understand, I feel like I owe that to her. And by the way, it's nice to know that there's someone out there who won't judge. Some other kind of person :)

Ditto :)

Everyone these days are so bothered about their looks, and all the average teenage trend. Nobody really sees the truth like we do.

Is Ditto your name? It's a nice name. Mine's Michael, but you can call me whatever you want. Names are irrelevant :) And I couldn't agree more. Teenagers these days are so blind. They only look straight ahead, not bothering to also check their sides... (as selfish as it may sound) I used to think that " I'm the only person in this world" ( as in the only one who's different). But I'm glad to know that I was wrong. That makes it two of us now. Welcome!

Ditto isn't my mean. It's a term for 'me too'. Michael? That's a really nice name! reminds me of the archangels.

You heard about Amanda Todd, didn't you? such disgrace. Makes me angry to know that life is not valued. Attention is all what matters to them. They are unworthy of life, yet given. And, this is what they end up doing.

With all the pleasure in the world.

I'll just call you Ditto, it sounds nice. Amanda took her own path... she chose the easy way. She abandoned the path of struggle. But it was her own path... I am not here to judge individuals. How do you feel today?

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