How To Determine What You Are

Good day I wanna know how you determine what you are. As a child, I always had encounters with the unknown . WhenI moved into my first apt, I would have visitor that come in the form of orbs(light balls) animals (dogs) with telepathic power, and huge crafts with a visible light and on several occasion would see them in human and grey form but my biggest thing is that there is no fear like people would say. I also have two children both very bright, but youngest child was born after I had a tubilization of my reproductive organs. I have been on a craft many times and beginning to remember them quite clearly. I always had dream of flying to a different planet and galaxies. Then here is the funnie part of my story. I went to sleep one night and some entity came in my house in the form of two light beings (tall beings) when I closed and open my eyes again,I was in a different room or realm with these same beings. What is going on with me? Or is it coincidence?
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Hi Angel.
Have you seen the light beings in your dreams only? And are they literally head to toe all white, with an white aura? With a sense from them that they are neither female or male but are good beings? Sorry for the questions, I am intrigued by your post :)
Love and light x

interesting....what do yo think the point of all that is?

I dont know exactly what it means but I have job on this planet to love unconditionally and its beginning to piece itself together. I had another encounter this morning with visitors that started last night when Ipassed out for no reason (meditating) and they were standing there. I have had dreams where I was on different planets with different race look like cat people which is the same things the egyptians would draw on the walls of the pyramid. I just want to communicate with someone who had these type experiences.

hmmm, I wish I could help you out...but I just find it interesting thank you for sharing. I hope you find something to help you make sense of it.

Let me share this with you . I am a survivor of April 27, 2011 in Tuscaloosa Alabama. very peIn March 2011, I went to the hospitals with complications from my pregnancy, before I went I had a dream I was in my house and walked outside and it was like a horror movie everything gone,I seen a ball of light that told me you are going be alright. So back to the story, I woke up went to the hospital stayed there two months . So on April 20, 2011, the doctor said we have to have this baby today. My due date was June 6 and he wasn't due for another 2 months. On April 27, I was on my way home and something kept telling me not to go even . I packed my babies things(my oldest baby) Got in the car to leave and my mom came home from work and said don't go you won't make it home. I told her I would stay. Make a long story short, the day after devastation, I went home to find my house standing on its foundation, with nothing around it trees blocked the way to keep debris out. same thing I seen in my dreams.

interesting....lots of people have these stories of premonitions of dramatic and traumatic events. I have always found the stories intriguing. I wonder why people pick up on some things and not others. People are starting to do real research on how the mind can anticipate some things.....but we are a long way off of explain that or why sometimes people know things they shouldn't.

Thanks for being understanding I will keep you in my prayers

Hello dear friend,

The things you are experiencing have more than likely been occurring since you were very young. Your mother and father may also have similar experiences and I thank you for being so outright in making awareness to your contact with the unknown. In my studies I have found that we have placed ourselves here by choice on earth to help with the centering and grounding of earth currently out of place and chaotic energy. Your situation is similar to mine, in two ways. When you speak about it you are assumed to be making it up, crazy, attention starved, or in need of help. And the the other way being that more than likely you feel it's all happening for a reason. You are not crazy and you are here for a reason. Maybe reflecting on my situation will help bring you to some resolve.
When I was born I started showing signs of being different. I learned my abcs

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