My Story Has Been Foretold But No One Has Listened To Me About An Alien Attack On Earth

I am going to speak as though I will speak from the higher spirit who summoned me into this human life but still as I say this no one has bothered to listen with what I am saying.

my message in the future is to make a 45 minute animated film about who Aitan Antannii is and why he saved humans and brought galactic armies back to earth to free humans from galactic slavery and believe in AITAN ANTANNII as the alien who came back from his death and saved humans from the other alien attack that took the lives of many human millitary soldiers who were taken in and captured by very evil galactic alien officers of the galactic emperor over all planetary worlds had marked humanity as a slavery and extemination outpost on this planet call animated scripted film will be made as though I have already spoken the truth over what i say and who I say I am to this planet and I will speak with utter power and high spirit.

THIS EVENT is known as a galactic event on humanity and my aim is to message humans about the other galactic beings around and outside of planet earth and many other worlds humans shall travel to.

a galactic event is when mankind are warned by there governments and media who interviewed laughed at me and many at first never listened to me.

I call myself the INTENDANT when I enter your conferences and ufo disclosures I am going to speak to all humans whether they listen or they dont or believe or they dont.

after my death a message engraved in pheonix arizona in the united states as alien faces burn the other planetary races will hear my voice. all humans must foresee my vision for them and they already have even if they do not see it yet my vision is there.

the time that I have left on this planet earth is less then 12 years time.
after toxic needles are injected into my bloodstream I WILL DIE. and after I die I will return to rescue hundreds of thousands of millions of humans across this world by the galactic armies that are with me. a sound of streak rockets will be heard in the atmosphere of this world all the galactic tyrants will have no power to take me down due to my higher spiritual commandments from within guides me to rebalance inner balanced energies.

the evil alien people will hate me after I do this but those humans who are lifted up by the higher spirit will see the foresight of my visions before they happen and you will foresee this.

humans these other aliens are just alike your planetary race except there energies are diffirent to you. for the many other alien who have contacted me about humans if you choose to believe in me and listen to what I am saying unto all of you will foresee this foresight.

they are coming humans real soon and I suggest that all of you do not panic untill there fire like gaper ships enter your atmosphere on each and every single city on your world. let the powers of the universe guide all of your race humans from who ever planetary races of planets you shall go to I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR ALL OF YOU!!!!!!
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I do not know if this has anything to do with anything but I've been searching for answers Mt while life. I do not think I'm human. I can't for regular relationships and I don't see things as other humans do. Human beings confuse me and I don't understand them or the actions they take. I get sick before bad things happen. I know this may not be related but I must search for answers anywhere I can find them

Hi, do you know anything about the human ascension? I honestly believe you... Just trying to understand more a d research more. Kindly reply. Are you psychic too can you tell me something about me pls... :)