They Are There They Just Can't Say Anything

I started to notice that I was different in 2009. I mean I always knew I was a little different from my Peers but I know deep down I have been experiencing something very strange. I have sought counsel for this and one thing is for certain no one ever tells me my experience is wrong or delusional. I wish I could explain into words some of the things that happen to me but I'll try to get it on paper. The first thing that seem to happen was people around me were copying me. There is an entire story to this but I won't go into details. I use to be very frightened of my new found world or secret abilities but I am getting use to them. Next I started to notice that people had messages for me out of the blue they would say things that wouldn't really make sense at the time that I later used. So I started to realize that I am not alone that there are others like me. Now that it's almost been four years I have noticed that my new talent has evolved and I now believe that I have telepathic powers. I trust myself now enough to know that I am not crazy. I know what others will say before it comes out of their mouth. I know where they have been All day and I can also have mind control over people. It doesn't seem to express itself every time. Next thing is I know a language that is not of the world we know it. I can communicate with others like me very very quickly it's awesome. We aren't allowed to talk about it to one another directly but I know we are communicating because they all talk to me through their mind and through a. Sort of body language and Morris code. I didn't get this gift over night. It was given to me at least from what I remember. I do t recall having this gift as a child but who knows. And the most freakiest of all is that I know things that I have never read or never had prior knowledge to. I actually asked a friend to humor me and listen to me about a math device that I thought I had stumbled upon. Turns out they already have this device and he brought it to me the next day. I forget what it's called hit its some type of sliding math tool that helps you figure out some math problems. He is a computer genius so I don't remember what the heck he was talking about when he tried to teach me how to use the tool. It's like I already knew how to use it in my dreams but It was so complex I could I only simplify it like a child would do basic math. Sometimes information is downloaded to me at night which u thought were dreams but they are not. It's so out of this world crazy stuff I can't remember it all when I become conscious. I use to chalk all of these experiences as dreams but since its so real now when I am awake I now understand it to be that I either was visited by aliens or I am one.
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You're fine, you're in good company. Keep on keeping on. Though do me a favor and watch out for information relating to Nibiru- it's highly suspect.

New things are happening since I have contacted this website. I was told I am from nirubu. Come to find out I searched it on the web and it actually exists. Freaky!!!! Anyone else have this happen to them? Let me know who has the same experience. Thanks.

I can't explain this new gift I have. It's a rare phenomena.

In response to another's views I wrote.

Let me first touch on the subject you presented about evil and humans. My views were the same. I thought I saw evil a lot so I went to a priest to talk about it. I also told him I believe in aliens. He never discounted my feelings but merely expanded upon them. He said If we talk about evil then we must also talk about good. He went on to say that how I was living my life was a good thing. He said that seeing evil I may have seen it on television and then saw it in the eyes of someone. I don't know if that is pertinent to our discussion about aliens but I wanted you to know that my feelings about aliens are so strong and so real I have sought counsel with psychologist priests psychiatrists support groups and friends. I just can't ignor the fact that they are here with us. We can become sort of one of them. They can give us some of their abilities but like you I believe I am a hybrid as well. Human and alien. I just can't even begin to explain the strange stuff that has happened to me over the course of four years. I feel I can read minds because before someone says anything g sometimes I know what they will say. I thought I was psychic but I now believe it to be alien or something g foreign not of this world. I didn't know there were others like me. I use to be on all kinds of medicine because of it. By my choice of course but now I'm not because I don't think in crazy anymore. I trust myself and my experiences. I just don't talk about them to everyone anymore. They don't relate to me. But others like me are out there. Like you. Not everyone on here to me has a firm grasp of reality. Some are so off the wall it doesn't seem plausible but yours does. I am so glad you posted. I am so glad I found this website. I needed to talk about this for a while now. I needed to feel like I could relate to someone like me for a while now. Something communicates with me through like a Morris code sort of language. It's not of words but of rhythms like a bouncing light might look. They tell me things that later becomes true or real. It use to freak me out but not anymore. I've gotten use to it. Actually no think its cool. People I believe who are like me tell me random stuff like "we are the chose. Ones" I use to think they were b
Nuts but whatever the message is our aliens seem to not be afraid to communicate that with us. The main thing is I would say is to trust yourself that this is real and not a fantasy world. There are other amazing pit of this world things that have happened to me and continue to happen to me but to go into detail wouldn't think derail some. So I'll keep it simple. Just know that the way to communicate through alien technology is a much better faster way and there is not misunderstanding on the context of what you mean how sometimes we can misunderstand others when they say something to us because simply there is no tone of voice so to speak. It's telepathic and you speak with the movements little movements of your eyes hands legs ect. Anyway some people don't even know they are doing it. I think nice said too much. I hope I have not lost you.