I Am In Search Of My Love In Another World..

Hey,I know this would sound strange to you people that I thought these things were myth (aliens or aliens in earth)and I m the only person who believe in alien and another world..I heartly thanks to u people.. I finally talk to someone who can understand me.I will not say that I am from another planet but I believe I have some connection with u people. Like someone is there in another planet and I belong to that person... This feeling is so strong that I always think about it, sometime I can feel someone is watching me , I did spend many nights looking at sky and searching for the one in a Hope that one day he would listen to me..am I just in my fantasy world or there is some connection?..but seriously I am dying everyday waiting for him..there is anyone who can help me..
samya8trinity samya8trinity
22-25, F
3 Responses Feb 12, 2013

I am a alien human hybrid, alot of people wont understand. y husband will always support me and y beliefs and what i think. which is why I still have a support group. I have not met anyone like me yet :(

Thank you so much... you such kind heart....hope you also get your true love and that stay with you forever...

I am an alien to this planet,maybe you would like to join my alliance?