I feel like I am an advanced being that has noone to share my technology with. It's freaky. Anyone else feel this way? Wish I had solid proof. Maybe I do and don't realize it. It maybe it is just to big right now that it's blowing my mind. I wish I had a mate. Maybe God will put one in my life for me. I just get so frustrated that my family lives in the past and not in the future with me. I also don't feel they deserve the gift. Who am I to determine who is deserving or not. I just have this raw emotion in the pit of my stomach that says most humans don't. The disgust me. Anyway. Goodnight for now.
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1 Response Mar 14, 2013

what kinda technology do you have?

Unbelievable. They are showing me you can communicate with your eyes. For example. You know those phones where you can text really fast by running your finger across the screen and it picks up on the text? Like that but with your eyes. Common language. Morris code but a hyper link of it. Kind of like for your eyes only. That way no messages get out and because there is no tone of voice you can't misconstrue what the message is. At this point I will have to stop what i am saying because I'm going blank so I would imagine they don't want me to say anything else. If I can remember anything else the Ly taught me i will let you know. Oh yeah. I have the new iPhone 5. And when I text I also see symbols jump off the screen. I thought something was wrong with my phone but its not. Usually a circle with a line drawn thru it. I think that is a religious symbol. There are many more but can't think of any at the moment.