Thats the type of mentality i have i suppose. I feel like if your going to do something, then completely just for it! All the way 100% no matter what is. Or go to the other extreme of not doing it at all. Lol a little example with me where this type of mentality shows is my dieting. If i have a cheat day on my diet, i would rather like order take out and stuff my self with junk food and really enjoy myself and put on weight in the morning, than just have a couple of extra snacks and still gain weight in the morning lol. Im the type of person who is like, if you are going to gain that weight in the morning you might as well go extreme and enjoy yourself properly!
But the same type of mentality i have too for perusing hobbies or things i do :)
oxzymoron oxzymoron
18-21, M
Aug 29, 2014