I Think Men Get Scared Of What I Represent

i'm kind of dominant, but i'm not masculine, i'm a lady, actually. i like having men around me, like a pack of lions, but inverted.
they feel attracted to me, and i love them, they love me back and then, when they realize i'm an alpha female, and that being with me, means their the betas, that eventually i might get another man in the pack, they freak out.
eventually, some of them realize that it doesn't mean i don't love them or that i'm a *****, that it just means what it means, i'm a pack leader, a great matron of sorts, my purpose is to form my pack, and protect them, feed them and help them become the best they can, which is why most men that get involved with me gets their lifes turn for the best (if they let me in) or for the worse (if they fight their natural instincts and the truth about it). it's not my purpose to have a ******** or whatever it is you call it, my purpose is only to be what feels natural to me and love whoever i want, they way i want.
i have never been called a *****. men in general respect me as i am, some love me, and that's how it goes... i'm sorry if it seems confusing, but i'm brazilian and english is not my native language.

but whatever, there it goes...

queengjc queengjc
22-25, F
1 Response Nov 29, 2012

Oh your English seems fine to me.