No You're Not.

You're not more important than anyone else.

I hate being in a pack, it's always "Oh noo you have to do what the alpha says or whatever I saay!" I don't have to, I mean, I just don't like groups.

Why do they exist?
Acchbellon Acchbellon
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to help protect each other. but i know how you feel. when i was younger i felt that way

Well wolves are pack oriented. And in traditional packs, how physical packs actually work, no one claims to be alpha when they make a pack, alphas are picked by the entirety of the pack for their leadership and such. Alphas are picked to be Alphas because they know what's best for their pack, not because they want to tell you what to do

I am sorry for your experiences. If they did such i agree with Sollerage they should not have been alphas in the first place.

That means that YOU are an ALPHA! Astrong one if you ask my opinion. Its rather obvious! You dont like to do what the other say. But before u become an alpha of a pack you have to work hard to be more commited to the pack thought!

It's not necessarily that you must follow and do exactly as your alpha says. People who rule as such shouldn't be alphas in the first place. Being an alpha and being a part of a pack means being a part of a family; just like in any family there are the 'parents' or in this case the alpha, someone to guide and to lead the family, keep everything functioning. Yet, just like in a family, everyone should be supportive of everyone, it's a netting onto which members can fall and know they will always be caught and helped. I apologize for your experiences and I hope your others will be better.

You are your own alpha so like that. Everyone should be an alpha.