I Am An Alternative Male....

I have been an introvert and loner for most of my life, partly cause of things that happened to me when i was small and never got to learn social skills and because i have the inborn personality to be shy, sensitive, and not vocal or social. I do get along with people very well, and dont have a problem interacting but still i feel different to the average man in the bar or sportsevent. Not that there is anything wrong with what they do or see the world, I just cant seem to bond with there interests. Im the single guy at the bar,( if you get me there) that looks so out of place that he wants to sink into the ground, feeling like an alien on a new planet.lol The guy that forsefully watches a game of Whatever, without having a clue about the rules, or which team is suppose to win. The guy that hates fights, cause it seems sensless. Im the guy that looks up in the sky and see dragons and monsters in the clouds. The guy that looks at a majestic old tree with awe and wonder, feeling the bark and leaves. The guy that wonders what his true purpose is, and hunts it down day and night. The guy that smiles and "sometimes" waves at people in the street. The guy that is not afraid to show his love and emotions, to his friends and familie. The guy that stops at the streetsinger (however awfull the performince) listens, smiles and drop a coin. I am not talking about supermen, just the others, that sit at home, with nothing to do, or maybe with a strange hobbie or 2, and wishes that there was a kindred soul out there, another man to hang out with. And talk about our "alternative" interests and hobbies and personalities. For I am proud to be a man, but where are the kindred spirits out there, that feel the same way?

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If I may say so...well, I guess I will, this sounds like an actual male, a person, that isn't forced into an area of male in society that has become....frankly...very deviated in many ways. What I am trying to say is, that which has alienated you, is actually proof of your sanity and the others are the ones out of place....does that make sense? All the best for "alternative" males, learn that you are, in fact, men in the true sense of maturity. Thankyou for posting....

Your the man most woman want to find, yet is probably invisible to them.


why lol?

i, too am different, I don't understand sports either, but I went to a game friday night, and watched the crowd instead of the game,to me it was more fun, until the shot off the cannon, scared the hell out of me, damn near pissed myself. But, I am gay, so what! I like to watch people, it's more exciting to watch them, then a game anyhow. I watch people from every walk of life, rich or poor, we are all into this together.

You are totally right, sexuality is not realy of consern in this forum, what is though is the fact that all here, feel different to tha traditional male out there, most of us seem to be loners, wishing for male friendship. But because we are different we hardly get to experience guys that have the same interests. A friend gave me a new word this week, which I was totally unaware of. "BROMANCE" meaning a platonic guy to guy relationship ( very close friendship) no sex.....with someone thats on the same brain wave.lol Ok well im still very new into this alternative male thing, it took along time for me to figure out who and why I was am.<br />
So please share your thoughts on this.

Hi. I have always known that I am an alternative male, and I don't say that because I am also a gay man. My sexuality is a separate issue. I have always felt alienated from what is considered the norms of society. I've never had many close friends and those that I do tend to be guys like you. They don't think that the sun rises and sets with every sport invented, they don't believe that violence is the answer to every argument, they ponder their lives and the lives of others. If they ask me how I am, they actually mean it, look in my eyes and wait for an answer. Amazing isn't it? I've become less bitter about this subject through the years, and I feel much more at peace because of it. I don't pretend to be someone I'm not just to keep the peace and please the masses. But, it is a two way street, I am much less likely to condemn others, even if I do privately think that their lives are lacking because of their disinterest in the various arts, etc. It's really great to have a forum for discussing this and meeting other men who travel along the same wave length. My pleasure gents!

YOOHOO!! the alternative males are getting more, thanx you guys for joining this forum and expressing yourselves, its good to know you are out there and feel the same way, or at least alot the same, lol makes the sun shine brighter!!!

Wait a minute I resemble that! The loneliness and at the same time the pride in being "different{".<br />
<br />
I can be gregarious, but it is infrequent and almost a "out-of-body" experience where I see myself <br />
<br />
"performing" for my mates. Maybe I can expand on this sometime in the proper forum.

Hi chas, sorry I haven't chatted with you much; been kinda busy. I...am amazed after reading this story, at how similar you and I are. Me, I'm a regular guy, too...I like ladies but I'm also the single guy at the bar, without a clue who's winning, etc. I've never been the tough guy, or the athlete. I'm funny and intelligent and a decent friend...but I'm very shy. I have a love/hate relationship with myself. On the one hand I like being how I am...and I also want to be the popular guy for once. <br />
Anyways, we should chat some time...drop me a message if you want. Later, Grin

haha, thanx for your comment mate, why do you wanna kill them? If I may ask?