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The man's tshirt made me laugh. "Amateur Gynecologist, Examinations Upon Request."  He saw me reading his chest and heard my giggle, and he smiled.  It was a nice smile.  Encouraged, I decided to talk to him.  Believe it or not, I am basically a shy person.  It takes courage to talk to strangers.  Hell, it takes courage to talk to people I know. 

I was extremely quiet when I was younger, afraid of saying the wrong thing, but one day I decided to face that fear because the consequences couldn't really be all that bad, could they?

It turned out they weren't.  And while I still feel like a risk taker every time I open my mouth, risking rejection or ridicule, I derive such pleasure when an overture works out well that I don't let the risk paralyze me.  But I do know it's there.

So I said something to this man which I thought might make him laugh.  I did not want to make the obvious remark, a request about getting an exam.  So I moved closer to him in the bookstore and said "That's quite a coincidence.  I'm an amateur urologist."

He looked startled for a fraction of a second, then he recovered and said, very straight-faced, "Yes, that is a coincidence.  Where is your shirt?"

"It's in the laundry," I said. 

"Pity," he responded.  "We'd have made quite a pair."  I nodded.  He looked at the book in my hand.  "Have you seen Party People?" 

I was impressed.  He'd noted the title, Shadow of the Panther: Huey Newton and the Price of Black Power in America, Hugh Pearson's 1994 work, and made the connection to the Festival's production about the Black Panther Party.  "Yes," I said.  "Have you?"

We continued talking for a while, and as we did, I found myself enjoying his voice, the way his face changed as he talked about different things.  It's nice to interact with men.  I like listening to them share their opinions on subjects.  I wondered what he thought about prostate massage, and whether he'd ever fantasized about laying back, feet in the air, while a woman pegged his ***.

Though I'm brave, I was not brave enough to ask that.  Maybe I need to have some cards made.  Doctor Milky, Amateur Urologist/Proctologist, Free Examinations Upon Request.
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46-50, F
Sep 22, 2012