America Got It Wrong

I watched in shock last night as Alex Lambet and Liily Scott got voted off of the show. Not the best people in the competition...but by FAR....not the worst. My personal thoughts on Alex, are that he had the most unique voice in the competition, and with no more stage experience than he had, he was doing a heck of a job trying to come out of his shell. I think if he had a few more weeks on the show, he would have developed into an amazing artist....he was just really starting to come out of his that's the first mistake American people who cast their votes. The poor kid was devastated, and I hope he continues to pursue singing as a carrer...he's really good.

Lilly Scott had a different style, but it was good. I kinda liked her. Outside of Chrystals performance on tuesday, Lilly had the best performance of the evening

I realize people have their favorites, and that's who they're gonna vote for...but even I sometimes have to vote for people based strictly on their performance of the evening, and I even hold off on voting for my favorites if they fall on their face that night...I mean for real people!!!! This is a talent contest voted on by the let's all vote for the freakin talent
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2 Responses Mar 12, 2010

This is true to a point...Sobhan Magness has an Adam Lambert quality about her, and the talent to back it up...remember, Adam didn't really seperate himself from the field last year until the top ten

AI has not been the same since Adam Lambert left. I almost feel like he ruined it. He was too good and now we expect everyone to be fabulous. *Sigh* Completely Disappointed by this season.