Right Below Knee

I amputated my right leg below the knee when I was ten years old after being hit by a car when I was ten.

It's not a big issue anymore, I'm pretty used to it. But it does make me feel very insecure at times. It does stop me from doing a lot of things I probably could have done if I had two legs, but not physically. It's more in my head. My confidence can be pretty low at times.
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5 Responses Jul 27, 2010

i lost my legs at 12 months above the knee its no big deal 2

and if you want to talk am same as here o yahoo mess

hi i just had myright leg amputee in dec of 09 i do know how you feelbut i just make myself do things but still would love to talk with somebody that is going through the same thing know that would help me and maybe you too just a thought

oh dont let ur confidence get low, keep reminding urself that u have proved 2 urself that u r still a whole person and u can still do things any1 else can do. maybe ur prosthesist can put u in touch with others who u can talk with. best wishes!

A friend of ours lost both of his legs in a accident a few years back. It was a big adjustment for him which I am sure it is for any one. It's understanable why your confidence would get low you just don't need to let it stay that way.