Whole World Turned Upside Down

i am a recent amptuee right leg below the knee with RSD in te numb as well.  i was a heavy const worker and in sept of 09 a i beam fell and hit me 7 times crushing me from head to toes both legs and feet were crushed but so far they managed to save the left one but had to take the right one on dec29th of 09 which i had to make the decsion to do it which should have been done by the doc when i first came in in sept but any way was just wondering if there was anybody else dealing with the RSD would like to hear from them and how they are dealing with it thanks
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how good is your left foot, my husband needs to have a below the knee amputation on his right sidedue to 32 years of pain and a second failed ankle replacement, but his concern is that he needs a knee replacement on the left and has a drop foot on that side also from the accident that caused the problem, will his left side be strong enough to support a right side amputation

hi Marko, read your story. mine is similar, injured right leg on job sight, after four operations over two years it was to far gone so we opted to amputate.its been along 3 years for me. i don't know what level of rsd you are in, but yes i have it to. its hard to explain it t a doctor, they dont seem to understand. my thing is one day i feel good, not much pain, get through the day, sleep good, but, the very next day i feel like crap, everything hurts.yes i have rsd, its not alot of fun is it. you can't plan anything. Marko i hope you have family support. i have some support,Marko we are going to get through this, we have lot friends out there. Gods speed BUDDY

Hi Marko, I use to work in Physical Therapy and dealt with a patient with RSD. I am sorry that you are dealing with this. He was in constant pain. I really couldn't understand the disorder; all I know is he was always in pain or numb :(<br />
You seem like a very positive person; I am sure that it will benefit you on your journey. Take care, Sam

I didn't know!!! marko!! i am sorry to have to admit this!! the only thing, i had to have done was the two of my big toes!!, one on each foot! of course it affected my balance, but i perservered and am now able to walk!! a lot better than i did then!!, i had to have them removed when i was 11yr old!! "nothing!! and i mean nothing" compared to you my friend!, you are so courages i am pleased to be able to call you my friend!! i admire you!!! and your strength!!! thank you!! for sharing!!! :-)

i am a new amputee, could you tell me what rsd is?