A New Double Amputee

I was run over by a motor boat (that entered a protected area illegaly) while waterskiing on a lake in May of this year. Both my legs had to be amputated through my knees. I was eventually fitted with full-length prostheses and learned to walk with 2 canes, but I can't walk well, so I spend most of my time in a wheelchair.  I'm going to be fitted for stubby prostheses after New Year's in order to strengthen my stumps so that I can walk better in the future.  I'm 45, happily married, and live in Massachusetts.  I would like to talk with other double (or single) amputees, especially women.


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Hello my partner of 15 years had double through knee amputation in January this year he was born with a disability, he has used his knees to get about everyday life by kneeling down and is very much capible of ddoing everything apart from walking and also used callipers as a child but unfortunately didn't work out. He's now 34 and heard about how well people are walking with prosthetics and how they work so spoke to his doctor and asked to be transfered to rnoh to inquire. He met with a surgeon and although the surgeon thought he was mad, he done tests and x rays to make sure everything could be done and work out well as he's used his knees to get around he had excellent walking motion and he asked the surgeon if he would do the operation to remove his legs. They said he could do double through knee amputation in order for him to walk on prothesis 1 day. He had 2 massive blood clots in both legs but the right leg had to be re operated on due to skin breakdown because of the blood clot and lost the bavk of his right leg, he was put on a vac pump for healing and had a rough ride. But as of last month got the all clear to full healing thank god :) It was only yesterday he stood on Stubbies for the first time and bought them home. He is having quite a bit of pain on 1 leg where the socket is pushing on the bone I know this is normal as they still need to be changed here and there. But he is very determined to get back on his feet. :) he is amazing and I'm very proud of him. :) I am very sorry to hear about your accident and know how hard things can be and I'm not the amputee but stay strong it is a long process. So how are you coming along so far?


Hi Jane,

I'm also an amputee, DBK 17 yrs ago due to meningitis (now 35), beside losing both legs I lost some hearing in my left ear and wear an hearing aid. My hubby and I have been married for 5 yrs. My hubby is also an amputee (LAK) from an auto accident. I'm a very happy person now but that wasn't always the case, for a good five yrs I was depressed and pissed at the world (no legs, hearing loss and scar from needing a trach while in hosp). With the help of good friends and family I got over it. Got my college degree and work in a hosp as a lab tech. Still use prosthetics, I have 3 sets of legs, and endoskelatal set, fancy cosmetic set (for nights on the town). My basic endoskelatal set get the most wear, they fit well and are more comfortable than my cosmetic legs. Feel free to send message if would like to talk.


hii...i'm too an amputee...i'm rbk and lak..5 yrs b4 it happend in a car accident...also lost my right palm..u can talk with me if u wish..<br />

I am a DAK also from a train. I started on prosthetics and tried for 2 yrs. wasn't for me. <br />
You will like the stubbies and in fact I think they should start people on stubbies first. <br />
Hang in there. God bless.

Hi Jane, I am currently a single leg amputee (woman) due to diabetes complications. I may be facing more amputation on the other side (currently have just two toes) and am terrified. I cannot drive and am scared to be out in a wheelchair without one leg to stop me from falling on steep curb cuts or to help me get back into my wc. I hope your prosthetics allow you to be independent and comfortable. I am so very sorry about your accident!

I am a double amputee-bellow knee,also losing 4 fingers on my left hand.I'm 28 I'm a mother to 2 beautiful daughters & a stepson. The end of this January makes 10 years I've been with my partner. My accident happened 14mths ago. My life was seemingly wonderful to everybody I was at the peek of my hair & high axion career,while my partner owned several businesses. But I was desperately depressed & had been fighting against post-natal depression alone after my last pregnancy. My depression reached it's peek-I was already close to the edge. One early Saturday morning I left my house and went to a building & jumped from the 7th story. I have no recollection of this and I don't believe I wanted to die-although clearly this act is called suicide. I spent 72 in a coma and after uncountable operations I'm very much ALIVE. It's been fitted with my prostheses and walking is hard. I'm not yet able to walk alone but I WON'T give up.. You mentioned you are keen to make friends with females,so would I. I'm told things get easier but I'm learning to live each day as it comes & live with any such pain or problems. I'm happy share my thoughts, take advice & meet people like me who understand. Might I add- the depression I was suffering has gone. Doctors called me a medical miracle,I'm just happy to b here & that my children love & accept mummy just as I am. Would appreciate making likeminded friendships.

Hi Jane, I'm so sorry to hear about your accident. I am an amputee of both legs. Left leg is a bk and the right leg is an ak. I lost my legs in 7/14/2010 due to a trucking accident. My husband and I use to team together. We went through an area that was not marked for road work and a crane went out of control and the steal beams that was being lifted for some new road signs was swung out into our lane of traffic. We hit the beams at 60 mph and I was in the passenger seat( no time to react). My legs were mangled to badly to be saved but I'm told had I been cut 6 more inched up my legs and I would not have been able to tell my story. So I understand what you are going through. I'm learning to rewalk again. I can walk some with the aid of a walker and can stand in place with no holding on for 6 minutes.<br />
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Hang in there and Hope to talk to you more.<br />

Dear Jane ,<br />
I am a transfemoral bilateral above the knee amputee. My stumps are short and I walk with both C-legs and stubbies. My e-mailis m4rk.8tevens@gmail.com. I can answer a lot of your questions as per my own experience. I can also send you a number of clips and photos. Believe me life carries on after losing your legs. As amputees all we want to do is carry on our lives almost as it was before the tragedy struck. Tough luck on what happened to you. My humble advice is get back in the saddle of life and ride like a crazy person till you improve your situation. I talk from experience. This is not a time to be timid. <br />

I am also a bka of the right leg. I lost my leg in a motorcycle accident on Father's Day of this year. It has been a long recovery for me. I was in the hospital for almost 40 days... If you want to talk just drop me a line. Wishing you all the best!!<br />
<br />

Hi Kristin:))
My name is Don and I am a diabetic with severe feet and leg problems that will probably cause amputation in the near future... I would like to talk with you about what is in store for me, when I loose my lag or legs...
Hope to hear from you soon...
Best Wishes and Happiness Always:)))
Speak soon!!!

Hi Don, I hope you don't mind me replying to your message.
I'm searching the net for support/information regarding my Mum who I care for. I read your message with particular interest because my Mum like you is diabetic. 15 years ago mum had her right below knee amputation and 9 days ago she her left below knee amputation. Both were as a result of foot ulcers and poor circulation due to narrowing of her arteries. I was just wondering how your foot/feet problems are now?
If you'd like to chat and if my mums experiences can be of any help to you I'm more than happy to chat.
Thank you....Annie.

I am sorry about the accident, but you seem to be a very strong lady. My prayers are with you. I myself am not an amputee but my 32 yr old daughter just became one on 6/9 of this year. She was in a motorcycle accident and lost her right leg below the knee. She just came home last week after 21 days in the hospital and is doing fairly well. She has had some bad moments and I am hoping that she will soon get online and talk with other amputees to let her know she is not the only one out there.

sorry bout the accident, but glad 2 hear ur not quitting, ur going full steam ahead. im not a leg amputee but will talk 2 u if u ever need 2. best wishes!

So sorry to read about your accident. I am typing this letter on behalf of my mom who is a double amputee and is still in bed recuperating . It really has been a huge shock for her and she is still in mourning. This was due to diabetes. My mom is really brave and insists that she will walk again with prothesis. She lives in South Africa. I wish you all the best for your future and really hope that you manage to reach all your goals. God Bless Linda

What a difficult year you had. I hope that this one is better, and that you have had success with your prostheses. I am not an amputee, but I have lived with one.<br />
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Best wishes, from a fellow Massachusetts resident.<br />
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I'm an amputee also, I lost mine to a rare bone cancer at 13. It is 4" above the knee on the right, I shock my aunt and uncel when I hop up and down the stairs. ^^ Then again I always had good balence.

hey there,I am an amputee myself.I'm 36 below the knee amputee,lost my leg to P.A.D. an artery disease last year.It has been a long road for me but I keep my head up as much as I can.

hello jane best of luck to you I too am a amputee left ak I feel your struggles one thing i hate about the internet is for there to be so many amputees in the world there arent many to talk to or reach out to on a positive basis.