I Am Dak Amputee

i am a student . My both legs were lost because of a cancer 3 months ago. And also my left hand also going to amputate because of this cancer and i don,t know what to do. Next weak my hand will be vanished above elbow. /????????????????
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The probability of having ewings sarcoma in both legs at the same time is about as probable as being struck by lightning when you are working in a coal mine. It is a weak story.

Please get the book "LIfe Without Limits" by Nick Vujicic a youn man who was born without any limbs. He will inspire you, he did for me. I was in a catastrophic motorcycle accident and ended up losing the lower portion of my leg and foot. I thought my life was over until I read this book and realized that I have a lot to be grateful for. I was wearing my helmet, a last minute decision, that saved my life. I am also thankful that I did not end up paralyzed. I was traveling at 55mph when I was hit by a car taking a left turn into me. You will adjust and adapt, you will learn just how to do things differently thats all. Persevere...you will conquer this challenge. <br />
Wishing you all the best, Kristin

My prayers are with you for the strength that god will give you to get through this. Although I've never personally experienced it. "god never gives us more than we can handle" I DID have ovarian cancer in my early 20s; however, i caught it early and its good now. Nevertheless, my mother was diagnosed with a throat cancer at 54 and given a 9 months to live. She lived over 5 years. Sometimes it was bad, but her faith in god kept her spirits up, her pain down, and her family and friends close.<br />
<br />
May god be with you and heal your body,<br />

Hi remember the body is something that will rot in the end but the soul will live forever, there are great amputee communities to get involve in and live a great life still, blessings and keep the faith, not easy, but the best thing to do !! Send me a message if you need counseling. I am a counselor.