guess i just need to get this out  well am 2 weeks out from my 24th surgery in 15 months and it hurt worst than anything even the accident nothing they seem to do helps just makes it worst  for some of yall that dont understand  docs pain scale 1 - 10 well i have been down to a 10 couple of times and that felt good but most times it way over the 10 on thier scale and i aint a stranger to pain have work heavy const for over 30 years and never missed a day and have been hurt from cuts deep ones to broken ribs hands and foot  so i know pain and this is the worst that  well in this day and age i dont understand why anybody should hurt like this  sorry  i am just tired dont know what i going to do yet
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I understand, I readlly do

True said Liz..................:)

Omg!!! yes!!!, me to! am glad to hear your not giving up!!!is there any other pain relief they can give to you!!??? You can't, give up, because i enjoy conversing with you!!! marko!!! you know that!!!

Glad to hear your not giving up. Hopefully there is something that will help with your pain.

i aint giving up and did checked out the site wasnt much help to me but maybe will be to somebody else

Please don't give up please check MayoClinic.com. They have some alternative therapies for pain relief.<br />
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