One Leg Cop

I lost my left foot in January of 2002 when a vehicle pinned me into a guard rail during an icy day in rural Virginia. Why was I on the side of the road in such bad conditions? I am a volunteer fire fighter and was on my way to the station and found myself in a precarious situation. Since my accident, I rejoined my fellow fire fighters and continue to volunteer in my spare time. I also graduated top of my class in the Police Academy in 2003 and still serve my community as a police officer. When not working, I play ice hockey, softball, and golf. I also enjoy playing paint ball and any other activity that keeps me "active". I was an avid snowboarder before my accident and have since tried that again and didn't care for it as much. Other than some chronic back pain and the news that I have developed a "functional scoliosis", my life has been pretty much like it was before my accident. I hope that I can be helpful to anyone new in this predicament and can show them that there is life after amputation.
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This is awesome to hear! I want to be a police officer and have only one leg. I happy to hear that not only is it possible but that you are happy and do what you want to.

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