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Hi all,

I am new this forum.. having just lost my left leg due to an injury.  I've only met one person who was an amputee and that was through the hospital when I just had my surgery. they wanted me to meet somebody who had been through what I was currently going through.

For me, since I've lost my leg.. life is just not good and i hate to go out in public because I get anxiety that everybody is looking at me.

I just got my prothesis and having a very hard time adapting to it.  It is horrible and I tend to think of it as as something more like a handbag.. something you pick up and put on before you leave the house but my physical therapist tells me I will never walk until I start using it daily.

I noticed several of you also itch after wearing your leg and the liner. I get a red rash and just itch and itch for the next few days, then it goes away till I wear it again. 

I am looking for any advice any of you can give me. I would love to hear about your experiences in learning to walk, etc. Please feel free to message me, I will always answer.

Many blessings

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I am almost 69 and lost my leg Dec. 1. I've had my first leg about 6 months and I hate it more and more. I am going to fitted with a vacuum leg and ridged liner beginning nest Wednesday (Day before my birthday) (Oh - Happy Birthday tro me) part would rather never wear a fake again. All I hear from my family is that I'm not trying, that I'm negative and having a pity party.<br />
What advice and help and you give me?<br />
I had an infection off and on for 17 years. Double knee replacement. Three spinal surgerys, an avulsed achilles tendon.(bone pulled off heelL). Didn't I pay my dues yet?<br />
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Sorry to cry on a stranger's shoulder but bless you for being there to vent on. Will let you know how the new system works.<br />
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Maybe it is a a pitty party.<br />

Hi Embrisa,<br />
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Thanks for reading one of my posts and listing me as a fan or friend.<br />
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Do you know, you can contact the Amputee Coalition of America at 1-888-AMP-KNOW and they will IF you request (1) try to find a woman with the same type of amputation you can visit with -depending on distance - in person or by phone, (2) invite you to one of our annual conventions (better) or (3) ACA Carribean Cruise (interesting, but not as useful), (4) send you information concerning ANY amputee related topics you request.<br />
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If you would like to chat, my iPhone is 325.829.1961 and my email is briggs@suddenlink. net

I am a bka of the right leg from a motorcycle accident. If you are getting a rash from wearing your liner ask your prosthetist for other recommendations. I had a custom liner made because my stump is not normal and I was getting a rash from it too. So now I am using a silicon sleeve on my stump and it seems to be working well. If I wear my leg too long I will get a rash on the normal skin, little bumps that itch, and so what I do is clean my stump and then apply hydrocortisone cream and an antifungal cream. Do you sweat a lot in your leg? If you do, you can apply an antiperspirant to the skin at bedtime and that will decrease the amount of sweating and has worked well for me. Hygiene is very important when wearing a p-leg so stay on top of it. Hope this helps you out. Don't be ashamed of wearing your leg..for me it is Freedom. I can get out of the house and do my own thing. Kristin ps I am a pharmacist in case you need to know about the drug stuff. Live life

Hey there, my name is Keith. I am an above knee amputee. I lost my leg three years ago. I live in a village, and for about a year I wouldnt go out, as I didnt want to keep being asked the same quetions.<br />
Since then I have embrassed my prosthetic leg, I have no problem showing it, in fact I have had several kids come up to me and ask about it, they think it looks cool lol. One lad asked his mum if he could have one lol. Unfortunatly I do have alot of pain and problems with my leg, I need another operation to re shape the bone. Since losing my leg, I have been skiing in Austria and scuba diving in Egypt. I think you should try to like your individuality, you are still the same person, walk tall and proud. keith x

Hi Embrisa, i can feel ur pains ,believe me u cannot live ur life like that in isolation ,u must confront ur fears thats the first step in the remedy, darling we are humans we need society even it seems difficult for u at the beginning but life will be easier after that because then u accepted ur new look and u are proud and thankful for what u have . believe me things will get better and u will see that . i was like u uncomfortable with my body even worst . i always tried to hide my arm especially in public for 25 years i have to admit i was silly and idiot . i didn't accept myself so how would i expect others to do so ? the key is to accept ur body smile all the time because then u will not have to worry about ur look u will be and people gonna love u for who u are thats a true fact no question about that . so please i want u to the soonest u read my message to do it , u can do it . i want to hear good news and remember life no worth your tears.

I cried and cried as I read this. It hit home..

Hi Embrisa, i just want to thank you for the kind words on my own story. I read your profile and some of your blog posts and my heart certainly goes out to you as well.<br />
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Oddly enough, shortly after i posted, i ran into what seems to be a very precious and wonderful girl by random chance, who seemed to be needing me as much as i needed her at that point, who could not suit my attractions more perfectly and who is driving down here as we speak so we can meet and explore our interest in each other. I expect that the wonderful girl i lost had something to do with this as it was her wish that i would find someone like her to love and bring happiness too and life is not that kind for something like this to have happened on its own. If things work out i can see life being a very easy, peaceful and happy thing in this new situation as well, so will see what happens in the next little while.<br />
<br />
Re: your own situation, i can certainly understand the loneliness and certainly the losses you've experienced as i've just experienced this myself in the worst way imaginable, but i can promise you that there are people out there who would find you as wonderfully special and uniquely beautiful as i did my lost love and will again if something develops with this new person i've met. The difficulty is matching up the two, but it is possible if we put some effort into the finding process. Again, often difficult, as we sometimes have to pull a lot of weeds before we can get to the rose, but still possible.<br />
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Re: adjusting to your situation, this is still new to you and i expect you will adapt. The girl i lost could run circles around everyone with two legs on her crutches and in a 5 inch heel, so maybe that can give you some encouragement. Understand the problems your having with the prosthetics which are always a problem. If i understand correctly from your blog posts, your BK and of so id suggest checking out the I'walk knee crutch system < http://www.iwalk-free.com > Would be extremely simple and functional for you. I manufacture a special "amputee" crutch system < http://fp1.antelecom.net/bromac/6.html > which we developed for my girl, applicable to HD and high to mid length AK's, which people are finding and ordering now, but for a BK the I'Walk would be more functional. Both are simple, easy to use and don't hurt, as in the case of my system your bearing your weight on your ischial (butt) bone and the knee in the case of the I'walk, which are designed for this purpose and not on the amputation itself. Has always amazed me how much effort has been put into trying to duplicate a human leg by the prosthetics industry as opposed to simply establishing function, the two ob<x>jectives, biology vs. mechanics would seem about as contradictory as anything could be.<br />
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Anyway, you take care, wishing you well, and nothing would please me more than if things could turn out absolutely wonderfully for both of us in the end :)