The Good And The Bad

me my girlfriend lexi and her friend aly alond with lex's sister, mom and aly's mom dad and brothers packed in a chevy 15 person van on our way to lake cumberland. the vacation and that summer to that point was great we where 12 years old my reds where winning it was 2010. then on july 23 we where heading home a simi crosed the centre lane the driver was joy rideing his dads truck hit us head on and killed everyone but the 3 people in the back row me lex and aly where alive but pined in back. we where cut out and where taken to the local hospital we awoak in hospital rooms clusted by each other all 3 of us double below knee amputees we would spend the next week in and out of the OR but about 3 weeks after the wreck and all the sugerys and funrals we where home and fitted and soon recived our first set of prostetic legs we took our first solo steps on aug. the 20 2010 at the rehab centre. But at the start of september we realized aly had no family in the us of free in the us ( her only uncle was in prison on death row for muder) so my parents applyed for adoption of my ex ( ya nastey breakup even if it was 6th grade) but not only that lexi needed to say with us wile her dad had a remodel and then a boooze problem. but threw all the fittings we where able to have some bright sots the girls returned to cheering for school last fall with there cheer elete legs and going and running track with there cincinnati reds carbon fiber blades and then all 3 of us playing softball this year ( i dont know what we will play i guess 1b for lex dh for al an d 3b for me we are all leftys batting and throwing) and we also rewurned to our bowling alys and i ended up throwing a 300 not long after but even lazing around in our stubbies we are able to be all we can be but even looking down the road weather it will be my and lexies weddings or prom or what ever we entend to be all we can be never give up and 1 last thing GO REDS
redsvotto19 redsvotto19
18-21, M
Apr 3, 2012