I lost my outer two toes on the right foot to osteomylitis. I did not walk for almost a year and had IV antibiotics for three months. It was staph, my second infection. The first was cleared by vancomyicin. The second infections, the Doctors did not mess around, they cut the infection out within 48 hours of coming to the ER. I was in the hospital for three weeks, then home care for nearly the rest of the year. I walk normally now. Martial Arts is rough, I am having to learn everything over again, as I am still falling down when I do jumps and spins.
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Mad respect for still pursuing your hobbies despite that setback.

you need to use your toes in yoga too. im sorry for your loss. keep trying.

sorry 2 hear that. recovering is nt easy. not 2 bad 4 me i was a single parent and young. however, i too had the sames infections.... plse be careful dont mess around with that infection crap. its nasty..... i know good luck