Neuronix - Help Create A State-of-the Art Prosthetic Hand Affordable To All....

I'm an electronic development engineer, and my friend and I are on a mission to create a state-of-the art electronic prosthetic hand that is affordable to all.

We are currently still in the prototype stage, but we have every confidence we can achieve our goal.

To get the product right, we really need your input. 

We have our ideas, but if you could share your's with us - the product is bound to be closer to what you need and a greater success.

If you wouldn't mind helping our mission, please visit our website and fill in our short questionnaire.

We've had this dream for over 7 years now and the passion has never changed.

To find out more about us, and complete that survey please do visit our website.

Thank you very much,

Daniel Norcott
NeuroniX NeuroniX
May 12, 2012