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hi there
my mother had to have her arm amputated almost a year ago and is, as she always has done, coped amazingly..
i am however looking for someone whom she could perhaps talk to who knows what she is going through as she has had no support and i think it would really help.

toniosullivan toniosullivan
1 Response May 17, 2012

Yes, if she phone 1-888-AMP-KNOW, A woman with the same level of arm amputation<br />
will visit with her by phone or in person, depending on distance. "The One Arm Dove Hunter's Association" is really a support group for folks with part, parts or all of the arm amputated. Both women, men & also kids will be there. We meet each year Thr-Sat in Onley, Texas which is between Wichita Falls & Dallas Texas. People come from AZ to Florida. <br />
<br />
IT is very important to go to a CPO who is a specialist in arms -ESPECIALLY IF ABOVE ELBOW OR SHOULDER. Getting an evaluation ASAP AFTER OR EVEN BEFORE AN AMPUTATION IS VIP. Using a prosthesis is a choice and many of us both choose to use and not use.