Am I Moving To Quickly ?

I became a RBK amputee on the 28th of March 2012. Was is hospital rehab until 11 May 2012. Got my prosthesis on 21 may 2012.

So just under 2 weeks ago I first put on my new limb was walking up and down between the parallel bars then onto gram and crutches with in three days. A week later I am walking with no crutches. Is this normal, am I pushing my self to walk to quickly? My physiotherapist is not used to dealing with elective amputee that don't have any other complications.
would be great if someone could tell me if this is normal time frame or not?
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i was going to ask you how long i can expect to be walking on prosthesis without the use of crutches or walker. i had my leg amputated june 1st 2012, you commented on my story and i thank you. my leg was put on for the first time just 2 days ago. it was just 3 days short of 2 months from my amputation. i am a very impatient person and i have to work on that. i was told it's different for everyone. i was also told that in 2 weeks i will see a big difference. i find that hard to believe as i cannot walk without a walker or crutches. way too painful to put weight on my stump yet. that being said....i would think you are in a normal range of time. btw, the person that gave me this information is a man that makes prosthetic limbs and is an amputee himself since 1963. his whole life. if your doing fine without pain, then run with pun intended. feel free to message me back. DMD

My first leg took me 6 months to get started My second leg was a month after you not going to fast

You are doing just great ! Your mind is very powerful and will help you in your recovery ! you should be thriving soon ! congrats! peter

no your not going to quick i too did it very quick because in my mind i was going to walk again am glad your doing great but you will have some set backs but dont let them get you down good luck and keep walking