I Can't Believe This Happened!

July 3rd, 2009 I was on my way home from work and had stopped for a red light at an intersection about six blocks from my apartment. When the light turned green I started across the intersection. I didn't even see what they later said was a delivery van, I only heard the CRASH, then everthing went blank. I woke up in the ICU at the hospital three days later. I had a concussion, broken ribs, my left leg was broken, my left eye was gone, and my left arm was so badly mutilated it had been amputated about four inches below my shoulder.

About three months after the wreck my "boyfriend" told me that the was sorry, but he didn't think he could handle being with a "handicapped" woman. It was his loss, not mine!

I have a prosthetic eye and was fitted with a prosthetic arm, but I seldom use it. I have learned to do just about everything with my single arm and hand. Like Deb I am okay with talking about my stump. I met a wonderful man about a year after the wreck, and we were married just over a year ago. He helps me with some things, but also allows me to be independent. I am also very excited about being three months pregnant!!
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It's good to hear that things are going better for you now.

That is wonderful, I am a recent amputee and have many concerns one of them is will I ever love again. Congradulations on the new baby!