Love My Stumps

hi...i'm Rose..i was leading my life as a model as wel as a student..i was so happy thos days..there wer many ppl wo admin beauty attracts mny..thought tat i;m a luck was moving very smoothly..but fate played wit me suddenly..
one fine day whil returning to my home after a night party,my car got crashed wit a trucker..when i woke,i was at i.c.u in a hospital..but i didn't get concious soon..after 3 days i woke up mumma came to c me and start crying..i scolded her..because i felt better on my health..after she moved off, for getting up,ikept my both arms against bed and pulled..felt a hard pain on my right arm..i pulled off sheet and had a look on heart broke..there was no palm on my hand..suddenly i pulled off tat sheet fully from my body,and i found there was no leg below my right leg..also my left leg was bandaged fully due to multiple fracture..
i coud'nt control my tears...start crying loudly..nurse came and try to consol me..with in some days doctors suggest for amputation of my left leg too..tat was the only suggestion to save my life..soon they did tat i'm a triple amputee with 2 fine stumps(lak & rbk) legs and a palmless right hand..
when i came back my home i felt soo much difficulties to do my every day works..later i start adjusting wit my pros..nw i'm able to walk..i was upset and worried about my sexual disability wil always a drawback to tat..but to change this thougth,i start enjoying my stumps..its really an awesome experience whil playing with my stumps..
during my 1st date,i was scared about my partner's reaction of seeing me without pros..but he was normal and had a more free matings than before..massaging my 4inch left stump and moving 2inch below knee stump is super..he too found it as beautiful than with all limbs..
now i love my stumps and lik to walk using only one pros on right leg to show out my empty left leg and lik to touch there with my hand stump...
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You are great.
How is your sex life ?

Wonderfully done,My Lady - what a story of strength and love!!

Im with u your story moved me

We both know that you are making these stories, do you think is funny? or fills your perverted fetishes.Because I know the girl that is in your profile picture and I can assure that she is not you.

i like the stumps also very nice , i also would be a happy person with a girl like you. hugss from rowan

love to chat please love lose my leg soon

Wow! Way to go on learning to be happy with who you are and comfortable in your skin!! :-)<br />
<br />
My stepmom is also an amputee - the result of jumping a streetcar in Vienna while in college (long before she met my Dad). And she's one of the most brilliant, successful people I know. Her condition has not held her back at all!

ohh....even i thought tat i can't get back to my normal life..mny times my mind said me to,smethin awake me..made me to live..
love and care of our loved one only can bring back to her..