Lovely Incident Behind That Accident

there is lovely,but tragic story behind my accident..
Jack,he is my best friend..from schools wee studied together..we both wer soo much close,which makes other friends jealous..those days he got committed with one girl in our college..i lik to call her as "jerk"..she is such a much as i hate her,he loves her..there starts many fights between me and he..
one day he came to home to take me for a night party with friends..i still remember ,that was a beautiful night with cold breez..i was so sleepy and i refuse to go with him..he was compelling me alot..then in a half sleep i kept some conditions for him..
first one is to get a chocolate icecream for me,2nd one was he should not talk with that jerk that day,should not meet her..he agreed for all my demands..lastly i took his hand and made him to give a promise,if he violate any of this conditions,then something bad will happen to me..he promised..then happily he took me to his car..he kept me at back seat for continuing my sleep till reach venu..i too slept there nicely..
when i was sleeping he got call from that girl..1st he didn't attend..but later he took and scold her..she understood that i was with she said him to meet her near a coffee shop..she argued that if he is not meeting her that times means she ever wont talk with him..he parked the car and looked me safely inside and went to see her..
i woke up suddenly and looked out for him..i saw him talking with her..i was so angry..that time i heard a noise..i looked out and saw one huge truck was coming against without was hitting off all posts and parked cars..i felt it danger..i could'nt open doors nor glasses to jump out..i sreamed..but my voice didn't reach upto him..when hr turn back, that truck came and hit on this car..i saw one huge iron post stood near was falling over my car..then i was fully blank..
when i woke,i came to know that on the spot my right hand palm and right leg below knee also got amputated..later left leg also in hospital they cutted off from 4 inch below to hip..
the most tragic thing was,my Jack..he saw that accident and he went to a thought that its all because he broke the promise which he gave to me..that lead him to another world..he is now a mental patient..yet he don't know that i'm alive..he still saying that ,he killed me..more than my amputations,his situation only pained me..he is not even identifying his own best friend..
I love you Jack...please come back as normal...i'm still alive and waiting for my best friend!!!
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A truly sad story.
I wish you both better future.