Leg Getting Amputated

Finally after three years and numerous operations due to infection, we have made the decision to have my husbands leg removed. We tried fusion but infection was still there. Any advise. Our Dr said to talk to others and meet with the Dr that makes the legs (I always say that wrong LOL) so we have an appt for next tues. The good thing is it is not his driving leg. I know it will be emotional but it is the right decision
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Hi Shardar,

im much in the same boat, due to a heavy RTA my knee is beyond repair, it also severed most of the nevers to my lower leg and foot, so i have been using a brace of over 9 years..
its now at the point where id rather just have it taken off an learn how to use a prosthetic now, rather than wait longer and longer...

i would really like to talk to others in the same situation, mainly to calm the wife down as shes been putting her head in the sand for the last 9 years.. but she knows thats what id prefer, fusion is a definate no as i would not be able to drive or do a lot of other things. replacement is out due to the bone damage..

I had an elective amputation below knee due to chronic pain and deformity of the right foot which is my driving leg but have now learnt to drive with my left foot. I also have friend who elected to have his leg removed above the knee from failed knee replacement and athredosis (?sp) if I can help in anyway. Feel free to message me.

Hi AmputeeMummi,

Thanks for your reply. i have also had to learn to drive with my left leg, on the bright side it does mean our cars are virtually impossible to steal :o)

im basically wanting to talk to someone who has been though the whole process, im fairly happy with the idea, just the thought of being able to walk/run really makes me want to get it done, but it scares the hell out of the wife.

she works in a hospital as a radiographer so she has seen some fairly nasty things in the OR and it terrifies her, hence looking for someone she can talk to and ask all those questions which a doctor can answer but only from a visual prospective, not a physical one.

would you be willing to talk to her about it, it would mean the world to me if she could see this from my point of view and accept that it is going to happen rather than just hiding away from it..

Yes. I will be ok with that. I am happy to speak openly about my experience.

hello i am also waiting to have my leg amputated i have suffered bad leg now 11 yrs from diabeties . rssimpson@slingshot.co.nz