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i am a btk amputee. i have my first leg now and am getting around as best i can with forearm crutches. my question has two parts. first, how long did it take you to be able to walk on your first leg, without support? second, how long did you have your first leg, before getting your second one? although i get around, i am frustrated. i used to be an active person. now, i just feel helpless and depressed.
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yes, thankyou amputeemummi. i wear a gel liner, then an insert, then the leg. if it gets loose during the day. i put a 5 la<x>yer sock over the gel liner but under the insert. i get around the house and i drive to where i need to go. when i sit or lay down, i pop the leg off. in the morning i have to wear the leg with the liner only until the swelling goes down. after a little bit, i can add the insert. later on in the day i add the sock. i never used a shrinker. too tight. i made my own shrinker using an ace wrapped in a figure eight style of wrap. it worked without being painful. <br />

Yes it does eventually go away. Its a matter of building up the tolerance and just getting use to you new leg. Admittedly I still get a little pain but that is only if I have over done it the day prior, but it is a pain I cantollerate.compared to what I was putting up with day in day out prior to my amputation.<br />
Just remember to check your stump before you put your socks on to make sure you have no pressure mark/blisters forming. If it feels too uncomfortable.try taking a sock off (if you can) and wait for awhile to allow any swelling to go down. And to take a break from your prosthesis for about an hour every day ( just while you are getting used to your prosthesis) and put your shrinker.on when you do this as your leg can swell. Do the same at night will help prevent your prosthesis from.feeling so tight the next day.<br />
I hope this has helped some what.

i had to go today for an adjustment on my leg. my stump shrunk some and 3 shims needed to be added. it hurts when i first get up and put the leg on. after a little while i can walk with one forearm crutch. does the initial pain, when you put your leg on the first thing in the morning ever go away? DMD

I was talking to my prosthesitist on monday regarding how long between legs. He told me in the first 12 months the stump will shrink significantly and change shape.

thanks for your responses. on top of dealing with the leg issue, i am also mourning the loss of my wife. that makes it all the more difficult. she was my whole life. now i have to start over at the age of 49. i am so lost.<br />

I was lucky enough to have been put right into the C-leg! My prostesis told me he wasn't going to give me the temp because of how determined I am and what I have already been through. It took me about 6 months before I let the cane go. But I probably could have done it alot sooner. It was my security for awhile. I didn't need it but felt I did. <br />
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As far as feeling depressed trust me when I say it is completely normal! I went through a horrible time as well. I have always been a very active person and now that I know my leg very good I am again! I do everything I used to and more.<br />
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My amputation was July 21st 2011, I was out of hospital in five days, I had my leg 3 months later and walking around just fine within 6 months of that! I do believe its how strong you are in your mind and not giving up that helps with this!!

Hi donald<br />
I am still on my first leg but have only had it since 21 may. I was able to walk shorter distances unaided within about a week, but I still have days that I need my crutches. Don't be in any rush as I have found out to walk unaided make sure you have your gait right first. Get it perfect with two then one the a stick then unaided.