Went To Work With 2 Legs 4 Hrs Later Had One

a usual day started work at 6 and by 10 lost left leg,i was working for a railcar cleaning company cleaning out a car moving them down the line when the boss yelled to me that there was a railcar moving to fast wiyh no brakes needed it to be stopped before it slammed into the crane at the other end of the tracks.so i started running along side of it grabbed ahold of the ladder on the side climbed to the top started to crank the brake handle when another employee on the oppisite side of train attepted to stop it by using a frontend loader he slammed into it so hard it threw me over the front of the traincar and landed 15ft down on my back when i looked up i tried to move my legs outta the way but could only get one out it was the hottest thing i ever felt before i looked beside me andthere was my left leg in my workboot. if it wasnt for another employee using his belt as a turnikit i would had died, and belive me there are alot of days i wish i would had due to the chronic pain and physcological problems. would enjoy talking to other amputees with simular problems.
allaince allaince
36-40, M
Nov 29, 2012