I Love My Amputee Leg!!

i'm raksha from india..i lost my left leg before 3 years..
it was an accident,changed my life....in that my leg got fractured hardly..
i fed up with continous surggeries...there was no garenty that i'l walk again with that hardly broken leg..each day,my pain was increasing..later i took a decision and ask about it with my doctor...it was about amputation..he said that it was the correct choice..i was full in spirit for an amputation..but my parents were not..hardly i convienced them and atlast it happened..
i became an amputee...after that surggery,when i woke i didn't feel any difference..i put my hand down and had a search through my left leg..
and i found that its no longer with me..the stupid painfull part of my body had gone forever..
it got cut from 4 inch below to my hip..first days it was hard to deal with..later i got comfort with one leg..i start fall in love with my short stump..it is great..its special kind of motions and its bubble nature...i love it..love to make massages on it always..its sretching and contractions..wow its awesome..
more over it comfort me more in my sexual life..
an empty space near x!!!!
rakshamahesh rakshamahesh
22-25, F
4 Responses Nov 30, 2012

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Hi there,I'm aj nice to meet you.are you single??

good to see such a strong n positive attitude personality.
keep it up this tempo

I totally hear ya when it came time to make the decision about amputation, it was the best choice for me also or spend the rest of my life on crutches or in a wheelchair...I had a life to live and wasn't going to live it!! :) being an amputee has its not so good moments when it comes to continous surgeries for nerve damage & the Neuromas that develop but its just a setback, I get heal and am right back at it :) as for sex, I have honestly had people ask "how do you have sex"? LOL. I respond with "How do YOU have sex???" LOL

Hi there,you are really cool person,you rock!!ENJOY LIFE TO THE FULLEST..YOU GET A FRIEND FOR LIFE!! BIG TEDDY BEAR!!