Legless *******!!!

is legs are an important fact for *******?
i don't think so..because i'm with one leg and i had ****** with legless nicely..
1st day of my sexual life,,,
it was with a guy who doesn't have both legs..i was greatfull to find him..
he was handsome with cute small right stump below hip and a long left stump upto knee..we where little worried since we both are amputees..
we were confused,how to start with..but my small stump on left liked his short stump on right..
we started it up there..his stumps were so perfect matched with my terminated leg and normal leg..
he without legs,***** me far better than anything else..
it was an awesome experience!!
rakshamahesh rakshamahesh
22-25, F
1 Response Nov 30, 2012

married .!!!