Amputees: How Did You Cope With Losing A Limb? We Want Your Story.

With a society that drives everyone to look like a Barbie doll, losing a limb can seem like the end of the world. Or can it? We want to hear from someone who has suffered the loss of a limb, possibly but not necessarily in combat, to tell us how he or she learned to adjust to a new way of living and life.

The readjustments include physical tasks and things necessary for daily living, sure, but we are also interested in the emotional aspect of your story and how it affected your outlook on life. Tell us how you've coped with society's reactions, your own pain and, most importantly, your own self-image. Tell us how you've triumphed so you can help others do the same!

We want a success story on the myriad obstacles you've had to overcome. Although losing a limb is enough of a challenge by itself, perhaps you also suffered through depression, addiction or some type of bottom. Whatever you went through to get to where you are today is fair game.

Your story will be featured in an eBook that is part of our Solume Survivor Series. Each book in the series highlights a single author who has successfully met great challenges and has the courage to share his or her tale with others who may be suffering similar circumstances.

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1 Response Dec 6, 2012

My amputation was voluntary, it was either amputation and have a normal life or spend the rest of my life on crutches or a wheelchair. I was told I would never dance again ....HAHAHA...I dance circles around everyone on the dance floor when I go out! :). I will say when I first had the amputation I was angry, and won't lie, I do have days even after 11 yrs of frustration but again am thankful I can walk, dance and carry my grandson across a room.