Doc's Want To Amputate More Of My Leg, Say A Revision Won't Help Me.

I lost my leg below the knee in a car accident in 1973. I'm naturally a very active person and my leg hasn't really hindered me in regards to walking etc. I do have an extremely short amputation that has made it difficult to get fitted properly with a prosthesis. I have had countless revisions because of scar tissue. infections, bone spurs etc. I have been having problems with my leg again for the past year, I was sure that I would have to have a revision because nothing is different, I was told by 2 doctors that they can't do another revision on me that at this point I am looking at an above the knee amputation and I'm scared. I made another appointment for a 3rd opinion. Has anyone ever gone through anything like this?
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2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

look into this new metal I've been hearing about it's suppose to fuse to bone without the white blood cells attacking it or rejecting it

I would really appreciate talking with you about this, thanks so much!