New Pain

Lost my left leg during heart surgery 3 years ago. I have had phantom pain but never " real " pain until a couple of days ago. Has anybody else had this happen to them?
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I like my phantom sensations as I feel my whole leg. Funny, these feelings even help me give my prosthetist feedback when he and she (team of two) adjust my leg. When there's real pain, I experience muscle spasms. These spasms sometimes keep me up all night. What helps me with this problem is to massage the scar and manipulate it as sometimes a keloid will develop there. This usually gives me some relief.

yes the pain is very common i hate to say

funny what the minds does

i know mywife use to get pains when we were young just due to the brain thought it was that time of month but she had no parts to cause the pain was the first ti,me i learned about those pains