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Hi, I'm nineteen years of age and was in a car accident on October 22, 2012. I lost my left leg above the knee. I'm now walking without a cane or crutch with my prosthetic. What I've noticed is that when I sit down with the prosthetic, my muscles and hips ache and get really tight. It makes it hard to stand after or put any weight on the leg due to the sensitive quad muscle. I've been trying to stretch and stay flexible but was just wondering if anyone has experienced this feeling and had any tips? Also I'm an apprentice electrician and would love to hear some stories if anyone's out there about still being able to be successful in that career? I have not yet returned to work.

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<p>Does the socket need more or less flexion? What saves me is stretching the psoas. I've got some interesting techniques for that. You absolutely should be able to sit comfortably so don't be a hero and do keep telling your prosthetist about it. Good luck. xoxo</P>

Hey mate I hope you are doing better and getting more strength in your stump

Honestly, that's something that will just take time. But there are some things you can do to speed up the process. Having a comfortable socket is crucial. My prosthetist and I finally fit one that is next to perfect, so we just use the same test socket every time I get a new leg made. Your gait is important too. If you're limping a lot or over- exerting your hips when you walk, they'll become sore. I see this post was from a while ago, I hope the pain went away!