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Just found out that above the knee amputation is necessary due to bone infection and failed total knee replacements. I am very nervous. Anyone have any words of encouragement?
Bigjoe490 Bigjoe490
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1 Response Feb 2, 2013

if you were born with both your legs, i bet it is scary to think of being amputated, but do not worry. i was born without a femur, i am 18 years old and trust is not as bad as you think, the key is to always stay strong and confident. don't let yourself feel limited and never allow others to feel sorry for you. it is a struggle, but hey, it could be worse :)

Hi, I lost my right leg above knee 5 months ago, and yeah it's different, harder etc etc. but you will be walking in no time. And alot more if you put the effort in. I had to make the decision after a road accident, as my ankle, knee and femar where all broke, and the shim had open spiral fractures with half the bone missing. So to me it was a simple way forward. I'm treating it as a new direction, and now pushing to achieve. :-).