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Double Amputee

i lost both my legs last year.  its been a ***** . imean have a loving wife that is ssticking by me  , and all the family support u could ask i know its all on me  . i know ive had a full lifeto this point  but sometimes i just feel so low  . mind u im not feeling sorry for myself  butin a sense i am.i am now ready to just talk to some other amputees so i can vent somebody who truly understands

slikmac635 slikmac635 56-60, M 2 Responses Oct 18, 2008

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Im also a bka and u r right, it can really suck at times even though i have all the support i can ask for. but like everyone else there will be good days and bad. I try to just keep trucking besides everyone is fighting some sort of battle.

its only natural to feel less of a person because your body is no longer whole but brother they cant touch your spirit.our bodies are only e vehicle we use during our short time sending you compassion and support dude. hang man hang you can beat it