Left-Below Elbow

My left forearm was amputated after an accident on a 4wheeler, Oct 30, 2005. I did have my bitter moments, but it really didnt last long. I dont consider it a disability cuz I still do the same things I used 2 do, I still play soccer and baseball, I'm a senior in highschool and have a part time job.

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18-21, M
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Well; it's been 6 years since you've been on----Hoping everything is going great for you.At 14 that must have been rough and putting up with the "fu--ing" assho--s too;you proved you have what it takes to get along in this world---the best at whatever you do in life.........JOHN

SO... that means you won't fight back as much, if/when I tried to distract you with KUP (Keeping Up Appearances) then unzip you & give you a BJ? ;) Well, maybe you'd like egroll with that? hmmm...<br />
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Hi, how are you doing? Did I get your attention? :P