Because Lupus Became An Amputee

I lost my big right toe after a vascular test, had 3 operations because poor circulation due to lupus. After 1st year (1997)got an infection on my left leg, was going to wound care for 3 years and went to the hospital to find out I have to lose my left leg Bk after the operation the incision open have to re-stitch up to 3 times poor circulation did not let heal normal. Took me another year to find the right prosthetic leg and learn to walk again. After 2 years became a peer support leader in my town have a support group and help people like us every day.

To God be the glory!

bionicleg bionicleg
41-45, M
1 Response Mar 1, 2009

way 2 go man! i admire ur determination, best wishes 2 u!