After this past year of craziness re fittings, I'm heading out to FL to POA. I think their brand of socket may be the answer. I've been looking for solutions for over 40 years. I'm convinced this is going to help. Excited and scared. Good luck to everyone out there!
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1 Response Aug 22, 2014

Hi. im a bilateral bka. i think you are having volume problems that can be solved by adding socks, not adjusting your static alignment. if youd like to chat ? message me. good luck

Thanks for your suggestion. My skin is in total contact with the socket so adding socks means no suction lol. Let's see what a subatmospheric socket does for me next month. Sounds very high tech, doesn't it? :)

is that a positive pressure vacuum socket? good luck . hugs

I think it's negative pressure as "sub" implies below. Thanks.