November 28, 2008


       It all started as a normal day November 28, 2008. Was a day like any other, I at my friends farm helping to harvest or pick field corn -- he uses to raise steers for butcher. So,I was in the field next to his farm using a one-row corn picker. In addition, it was around 5:15 PM when I stopped the tractor as I noticed the wagon was over-flowing with corn. At this point I need to stop the tractor and had left the machine running at normal operating speed. Therefore,I proceeded around the front of the tractor and came to the snout of the corn picker, where there was an ear of corn on the snout. At that time, I attempted to knock the ear of corn into the running machine. Making two attempts to knock the ear in and, on the second attempt I hit the ear,  my Army jacket got caught by a  moving chain.

 Next,the machine grabbed my left-hand, coat, and pulled it into the snapping rollers.  

I screamed and the next moment, tried to pull my hand out with my right hand and had my right hand pulled into the machine.

Thirty minutes pass, still trapped in the machine yelling over top of the machinery running yelling for help and trying to dislodge my hand left,I was fighting to get loose.

 I asked the lord to die three times.

 At this point, I had a warm sensation.

 When I realized that, I was fighting for my life.

God kept me strong through all this and at about 5:45 PM help had arrived.

And I explained to the help as calm as possible

. Explaining where to shut the machine off in a matter of what seemed like seconds.

 The EMTs were on site, and when they arrived, they knew right away to call lifeline helicopter.

 It took approximately one-half hour to dislodge me from the machine.

 Never losing consciousness I was talking very normal and my wife had showed up at the scene.

She was telling me that everything will be fine and I will be safe.

For the thirty minutes, I was trapped.

My life had changed forever, I realized at that point.

 I no longer had hands, and brought my family back together for as which my wife and I are separated.


                 Finally my hands and what was left were dislodged. I was put into the helicopter and the eight minute flight was quick to Hershey medical facility.

 I was on the stretcher going to the trauma center when a nurse said Mr. Pollock. You are at the trauma unit and you are under great care.  

It was now 6:30 PM, and I closed my eyes.

 Knowing I am now safe. Well, I was in surgery.

 I was answering questions for about 20 minutes being unconscious.

       I have a little quote, and it is Friday.

 I almost died, and on Sunday.

      I was resurrected to a new life and a completely different outlook on life.

 I have a better relationship with my twin children.

     My wife has been very helpful through all this since, I am covered under her health insurance.

    I felt this night was a chemical and spiritual change and to this day

I remain positive, because I live, one day at a time.

   I cannot change the past I can live for today and I cannot predict the future, because it is what it is.

 It has been 4 years, 7 months since my accident, and I feel I am doing very well.

    Never had phantom pain, only sensations.

 Every day is a great day.
I am very blessed and Thankful to be alive to tell my story!




As of Feb 5, 2010, I am no longer an amputee. I am now known as a bi lateral transplant. With hand replaced on my left arm.  And the first in the U.S to have


a forearm replaced above the elbow........ It is a beautiful gift and thanks to God for this miracle..

3 years 4 months since my hand transplants!



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