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Am I Beautiful?

ok so today i found out that my boyfriend was cheating on me with another girl! I confronted him and he simply told me that he thought that this girl was better and prittier then me! i was so hurt. I mean i think anyone would be? I just dont understand if he thought that i was ugly because i have no legs why did he ever want to go out with me?? it makes no scense to me!

After this happened to me i decided to look at my self critically in the mirror and relized that i would be beautiful if only i had legs!!!

Look at my display pic. that is the most recent photo of me. What do u honestly think/?

Olivia67 Olivia67 16-17, F 71 Responses Jul 21, 2009

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Wise beyond my years is what I am. I'm 44 yrs old. This is what I learned in this time.
Your boyfriend or anyone walking the planet cannot talk about anything but what they are so when they try to it gets twisted.
"He thought she was better and prettier than you." = "Thought I was a beautiful enough to be by your side but I'm not beautiful."
I told you...I'm wise beyond my years.

You're beautiful. I truly know where you're coming from and feel your pain. When I got sick during freshman year of college (meningitis) I lost my legs a couple of fingers and my boyfriend. He left me because of the fact I lost my legs and also said he found someone who is prettier. Don't give up, one day Mr Right will come along and the fact if you have legs or not won't matter.

You are stunning!

There's nothing that isn't right for about you for a girl your age. I never liked telling people what to do but I think that at your age it's really good to just study in school and all the other things will take care of themselves without thought or worry.

You look Absolutely Gorgeous Just the Way @You Are, and I would Love to Get to Know You! I Can't access your profile to add you as a friend tho!

Honey, u look fine, don't worry about that. Boyfriends and girlfriends sometimes tend to break up, whether they have 1, 2, 3 or 4 legs between the two of 'em. No big deal. The fact he knew no better way to brake the news than to tell you she is prettier just goes to show: good bye and good riddance! Don't look for a guy, they'll be looking for you. You just pick yourself the most respectful and sensitive one, your heart will know. And if by chance they show a different face when drunk/angry/disappointed/insulted/etc., know that THAT is the real face and believe it. No second chances, you pick a better one that same day! XX

Most assuredly, you are beautiful.

Girl. WOMEN! YOU ARE beauautiful need to hearf what my guidance counclor told me I am 46 by the way "There is no such think as a ugly women!"God created women after he created men I love men but If they wind up in wheelchair they want us to love them right.

Olivia you are your smile...dont let it get you down he just isn't worth it ( did he have a white stick and a labrador ) one day someone deserving will be proud to call you his wife..and love you for who you are.

**** him he doesn't deserve you are totally stunning have been giving prosthetic legs or are you using stubbies at the moment

Yes you are beautiful when i look at you, Happiness is relative phenomena. You are happy when you compare yourself with quadra-amputee but sad with all limb-abled. Don't compare yourself with that bullshit girl.... Dont think that this happened to you because you are amputee, this happens with all. people like you really inspire us a lot and make us realize that how much deep we are who consider ourself on top.

absoulutly beautiful....and recently i lost someone to another and kept thinking it was because i have one leg

olivia you are so beautiful that i like to be a good friend , please send me a email . hugss from rowan .

i would love to have you here i think you are so nice . wish i could chat please .

You're beautiful. You really are. You're going to make some lucky guy a wonderful wife.

YOU are beautiful. You're stunning. And don't let anyone ever tell you differently. He wasn't the right guy for you. Don't worry and please don't get down on yourself. Lots of guys love a dak girl. It's only a matter of time before you fall head over heels in love with a guy who loves you just the way you are.

you are a beautiful girl

It does not matter what others think you look like. It's what you think of yourself. Someone once told me that you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else. I agree with the others and you are a beautiful young lady.

You are very pretty. Don't let the boy's bull crap throw you. The most perfect women in the world are cheated on, the problem is immature males who have no idea what commitment means, not how pretty girls are or are not.. <br />
<br />
Him telling you it was because she was pretty makes his lack of integrity even worse. He is trying to blame you for his unfaithful behavior, rather than manning up and admitting his own failings.

I agree with all the "what's on the inside is more important than on the outside" and all. But you did ask about the outside. I understand that you'll probably always care about that, regardless.<br />
<br />
And I will genuinely tell you, you're very pretty.<br />
As far as having no legs go... Even speaking on a superficial level, to me, you are just as pretty without legs as you would be with.<br />
<br />
Your boyfriend's just a big jerk. And really stupid too. He doesn't deserve you.<br />
(But maybe a blessing in disguise for you? At least you didn't waste MORE time on him.)

You're lovely. It's his loss, and you should dump him.

I think you are very very pretty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that would be you. love yourself first and foremost. Its totally his loss and your gain. You dont need ppl like that in your life. Keep moving forward sweetness. Best of luck and success.

He's an *******. Dump the bastard! You're a fighter, this I know. You're beautiful and I like your haircut, u look cute!

My suggestions:<br />
<br />
1. Do not acknowledge that 'Dirt-bag' as your 'boyfriend'---he was, is and will forever be a 'Dirt-Bag'.<br />
2. Me? I would post his picture, name and address and tell the world the stunt he pulled on you!!! Once women see how NEEDLESSLY CRUEL he was to you, he'll never get another date again!!!<br />
3. Do not let that 'Dirt-bag's' comments effect your self worth. As a blossoming young lady, the world is opening up for you. Yes, you have hurtles---but I worked for a Developmental Center as an Analyst---I spoke to a two headed girl who will never be able to go out in public or leave the institution. You have it bad; others have it worse....enjoy your bad!!!<br />
4. Forget that 'beautiful inside' crap---that is what they tell 400lb women to make em feel good.<br />
5. You, on the other hand are beautiful, BEAUTIFUL!!! Repost you pick with a pillow in front of your legs and thousands of men will fond over you.<br />
6. You need to be optimistic---I have seen double amputee war vets walking around on prototype artifical legs. Perhaps ten years from now, you will be jogging around the lake!!! <br />
7. Work out and don't let yourself go---you are young and pretty and marrageable and you want to keep that. Me? I got hit in the crosswalk while performing my job and I was in a wheelchair for a year. My Fiancee left me and so did most of my 'rainy-day' friend...good riddence; my true friends stayed and I value them over everything!!! Me, I went from wheelchair to walking to running and even got back into the service. What did it for me? A breakthrough French bone graph using coral!!!<br />
8. Again, you are young, pretty and probably can have any man you want sexually. I would caution you that there are men out there who fantasize about women amputees because it is taboo, therefore thrilling. I believe your former 'ex dirtbag' was one of these---he used you for the thrill of it all and then abandoned you when the thrill was gone. Be YOU, Love LIFE and those you seek will seek you!!! Michael

your great he is an idiot be happy your rid of him your one of the most beautiful young ladies i have seen in along time thanks for putting a pic up it really makes my heart pound lol good for an old man lolol

ur hot to me i would date u but im 13....

you are gorgeous!!! My ex cheated on me with my sister in law and has continued to cheat on her so you are so much better without him. It hurts and that is normal. You will find someone who will love you for you. I met my fiancee before my amputation and with my bka and scars he still loves there are wonderdful men out there and you will find yours.

Your gorgeous ! <br />
<br />
And sound like a really Nice genuine person , I can't add you for some reason But would be great to talk to you sometime.

You are a very lovely girl <br />
You just do not worry bout what others say you go by what is inside you!

Hand-kissing a beautiful woman! I think you are an individual or a beautiful and sexy lady! Nobody is perfect, but even more than you but it highlights the unique character and nyitotságodat! I admire and beautiful content! Never give up! many many kisses