Fight On Friends

 Let me share some of what ive seen in the amputee community in the years ive been with no leg.Oh woe is me seems to be the #1 disorder most amps have dealt with besides of course the loss of the limb.The problem is most amputees never seem to shake that awful way of thinking.I say bull**** ,get over it and be glad you still have a life to lead.If you have lost your will to go on then your spirit is defeated and what earthly good are you besides being a pity sponge.Each day is a gift fellow amps.,live it as such.At a recent Dr.'s visit i wheeled in in my custom made chair at my usual quickie pace,my wife scrambling to keep up,and i witnessed something that made me angry.Sitting in his standard home health issue chair was a man i judged to be about my age(49),and he had lost his leg about where mine is gone(about 3-4  in. above the knee),and you would have thought by looking at him he was going to the gas chamber imstead of being there for world class healthcare.Now before i get any nasty e-mails about the standard issue chair reference ,let me assure you i also had one,i wore it plumb out in the 2 yrs. it lasted years ago,medi-care and the va paid for my custom,grasshopper green jobbie.Well anyway this fellow had on shorts as did i,and he obviously had good muscle tome from what i could see but he slumped in his chair like a whipped pup,his wife pushing him everywhere,NOBODY need offer me a push on any ground much less flat carpet folks.Well later on i learned sure enough his missing leg was his only infirmity,but you might of just as well cut off his head.Hell,im still mad,you see he is choosing not to fight,but fight,scratch,claw,gouge,we amputees must.Its imperative to life to live at it's fullest or why live at all,amputee or not   .Each and every day is a gift,we MUST live like it,or die having never known true happiness.I admire a lot of my brothers and sisters in this forum,god bless you each and every one,lets encourage those who are down,like i should have at the DR's missing a leg ,so what,i still do EVERYTHING i used to and that includes farm, 3 businesses, raise a big garden,ride my motorcycle,drive my 4by4,,etc.,you get the point.fellow amps. hold your head high,and fight on brothers and sisters for life is a wonderful journey just waiting to be lived     solopod out

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I totally agree!! I don't consider myself disabled. I can do pretty much everything I could do before and if there is something I can't do exactly the same then I improvise. Where there's a will, there's a way!

i totally agree! i do the same things i used 2, and now im going 2 school during the day and working at night. i may be missing part of my left arm, but the other 3/4 of me is fine. make the best of it with what u have!!

Hi solopodal<br />
good post. Respect to you.<br />
Regarding the man who was not where you are at. Maybe he will get there yet.<br />