Hi,  I am a retired truck driver and a recent amputee (DHD).  I have just returned home from the hospital, so am in the learning mode.  I have Diabetes Type 2  I lost all feeling in my legs and unbeknownst to me, I had a non-healing injury to my feet.  My wife noticed them one morning and got me into  our doctor.  She ran a whole bunch of tests and then had me admitted to the hospital.  She told the wife and I that my legs were being eaten up and that she needed to amputate them.  We said both? and she said yes.  We signed the paperwork and I had surgery the next day.  When I awoke in my room. I found that all that was left was 2 small stubs of my thighs. But over the next few weeks, those were also amputated.  I now have nothing.  Just my pelvis area.  So as I say I am learning new ways of moving and etc.  So I may ask questions.  Thanks  Robert 

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56-60, M
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seems like u r taking it pretty well. best wishes and speedy recovery!