Living As A Female Symes Amputee

I am a 23 year old Syme's Amputee (L Foot). Although I have been in remission for 5 years, I continue to struggle with it. Let me rephrase that. I have accepted the loss of my foot and believe it is truly a large part of me and I am proud of who I have become. But I am frustrated about prosthetic options. As a 23 year old female, I am constantly asked what is wrong with my foot or knee. Since I have a long residual limb, I am extremely limited with my options. A few years back, I had a foot made that has a split toe so I can wear sandals. Living in California, this was life changing compared to my clunky old prosthetic. While I am fortunate for that, I struggle with the fact that since I wear socks under it and it goes to my knee cap, it is always visible if I wear skirts or shorts. This becomes a considerable problem when going to a job interview. Not exactly the conversation I want to focus on! So I am constantly in search for an adjustable prosthetic foot for Symes Amputees. Our community is somewhat small (at least on the internet.) and I am always trying to look them up online, etc. I know they make these adjustable for below the knee and above the knee but this isn't helpful to Syme's Amputees. But alas, I am thankful to have survived 2 bouts of cancer.

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Have you checked out Amputee Coalition or Steps of Faith? Hope they help.

I'm a symes amputee too, and i'm 22 years old. Every time I get a new leg it's better than the last, but the knee part is still so ugly and the ankle is a little bit thick but what can you do! I almost never go out in public with bare legs, and I feel like clothes don't look very good on me because you can still see the outline >_<<br />
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I have been offered adjustable feet for my leg before and I apparently have a long residual limb, so hopefully that means what you're looking for exists!

So glad you're doing okay! You are a surviver, and a strong woman. Remember that! <br />
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I can relate! I too am a left side Symes amputee. My complaint is that the ankle is so big around and the foot is off-set so much. Do you have this problem as well? I live where it's very hot in summer, and I won't go out in public in shorts or skirts.

i am also a 23m symes amputee ... i have also noticed the same problem... wen i put weight on my stump it seems to pull to the left to the point where it almost feels like im going to break something.... have anyone figured out a solution to this problem... please email me asap if u do .. thanks in advance

glad 2 hear ur doing well, have u asked ur prosthesist about more options?

peeps on here are very supportive, i hope you find what you're looking for. you are brave, surviving 2 battles, i'm in awe.