Broke But Not Broken..

My name is erika, i am 18 years old and am missing my left leg. I am an above the knee amputee. I lost my leg right after  being born due to a deformity. My entire life i have had both struggles and successes. To be honest it has been hard for me to accept that i will never be "perfect". As a teenage girl i am already insecure about my image but being an amputee has made it difficult to have high self esteem. I fight everyday to look in the mirror and be happy but i have yet to reach that point. I have been told by everyone i meet that i am gorgeous and i believe  them but i still think i would be so much more attractive if i had both legs. other then my shallow dissapointments, my life as an amputee has been a positive for me. I was captian of a competitive cheer squad, played volleyball, walk, dance, and excercise on a daily basis. It is funny, i am in much better shape then the majority of people i know. My loss has taught me to be strong . I can deal with a great deal of pain because i know i have to. I plan on making the most of my life and not letting anything stop me. I believe god has a plan for me and that i serve as an inspiration to others. I am happy, brave, and independent. Most of the time people either do not evven realize i am disabled or they forget becuase i never let it hold me back or define my limits. I may be broke but i am not broken.

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Some people want to cut their limbs and become an amputee. So you are not different or worst than a 4 limbed person! Don't be upset! Guys will still find you attractive.

Good for you Erica, stay positive

Yes you are beautiful and you are making a success of your life. And yes some say it because they feel sorry for you but I know that your inner beauty plays a much bigger role in it, slow down, relax, you don't have to prove yourself, you've done that. Remember their is someone out their for you and he will love you just as you are, you'll be surprised how many men are attracted by an amputee, normal everyday men, you are attractive with you difference accept that, blessings.

If I was 30 years younger. LO.<br />
You look gorgeous. <br />
You have a better attitude then a lot of 'mental' defect people that I know who bemoan every little thing that goes wrong. <br />
Enjoy. f2w

Keep up the positive outlook, you probably have more people looking up to you and admiring you because of your "imperfections" than you realize. I know you are struggling with things but I bet if you asked your parents, family and those closest to you (the people that are the most important in your life) that they would say YOU ARE PERFECT!!!! I once heard a quote from a man that lost his leg, he said "Having lost a limb does not make me less of a man, but more of a man." I think you will find that you are a better person for the struggles you have overcome so keep your chin up and keep showing others how to deal with their struggles by keeping that perfect example!

I admire you

hey, u already have a positive attitude (which i admire), take it from there and build upon it :)