Penectomy Due To War Injury

I am not sure if it technically qualifies me as an amputee but  I believe it may. I lost most of my penis in Vietnam many years ago from shrapnel exploding from a land mine. Another squad member stepped on the mine but some caught me in the groin. My testicles were saved but I lost most of my penis. I have the lenght from the tip of my stump to my prostate. I still feel sex as I can get an erection, about 1" exposed. It has been a life changing injury for me emotionally and physically.

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56-60, M
2 Responses Feb 28, 2010

Thank you LeftHook. It does function although not like before it was removed.

well, u didnt lose a limb, but u did lose a major part of ur anatomy. sounds like its still functional tho. best wishes 2 u, hope u r doing well.