I Need Some Emotional Help.

My sister who is 49 years old has PAD. Early december 2009 she had her right leg amputated. The beginning of march2010 she began having pain in her left leg she went to the doctor and she was told that she will have to have the left leg amputated.

 She will not let them do it.... I went to visit her today and she is in so much pain that it breaks my heart to see her like this, we all have told her that her life would be much better without the pain but all she can say is that she has already lost everything and she is not going to lose the only leg she has.

Can someone please help us explain to her that her life will be just as fullfilling with no legs as with two legs.

She is the mother of two great kids and is going to be a first time grandmother is a few months but all she can do is think about the negatives, she thinks we are going to put her in a nursing home or that she will never be able to live without help again...  please help we are all  wanted the best for her..

WE wwould rather have her with no legs than not have her at all.

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Please contact the Amputee Coalition of America for information and support options. The phone is 888/267-5669 and the website is www.amputee-coalition.org.

i agree with u. her family needs her and she will b able 2 adapt 2 life without legs. also, by what i have seen on the web, prosthetic technology is getting better all the time. its not the end of the world - u adapt and move on.