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I am an AK/BK amputee. I was born with deformed legs and they were amputated when I was 11 months old. I was walking with prosthetics when I was 1. Ever since, I've always had prosthetics. I remember the strap one that went around my waist. That thing always cut into my skin and left welts and bruises. Now I use the prosthetic that is in the group's logo for the AK. The BK is the standard sock-insert-leg prosthetic. I am very out of shape, it's really disgusting, really. Sometimes my boyfriend makes snarky comments about it. I don't drive, I'm terrified of driving. I rely on other people, and it really bothers me sometimes. I pay rent to my mom, I live with her. My boyfriend is nice, but his new job makes him work long hours. So I just stay by myself, mostly.

I don't like the pain of the prosthetics. It gets very annoying sometimes. I just want to use my chair, but it's 12 years old. I'm trying to get a new chair, but I doubt I'll be approved for one. Medicaid is notoriously stingy.
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Have you seen a physiologist? I went to one just recently. They know how to word things so that you can get what you need. Good luck. BTW maybe your boyfriend is taking you for granted. He's not the only guy in the world. You deserve better if he has a snarky attitude. You deserve to be loved and appreciated. Hugs.

i'm a rbk and lak an accident b4 5 yrs,i lost my leg and a palm...its really hard to walk usin pros on both legs..sme times its really painful..try to use wheel chirs whenever u r at home..nw these days i'm usin only one pros,only 4 my right leg..and leavin the other one free to hang and crutching..

I can really relate to everything you have said. I started this group and used that photo of a C-Leg because that's what I use. I have just been turned down for a new one, and the current socket doesn't fit at all, so it's very uncomfortable. I spend most of my time in my power chair when I am at home. I just quit working and am applying for disability. I have had two surgeries on my spine, and the pain has become a real problem. So much for "insurance reform" I guess.... Hang in there, partner!

I a Right Bk Amp. And for pain i have found the one thing that works great, even if it's just all in my head(which is where pain is anyways) is Marijuana. I don't know your feelings on it but if you are open it may help you. It comes in plenty handy when on the topic of being out of shape. When i get high i can go for long extended walks with minimal to no pain at all. If there is any pain it gets nullified because it just feels funny, if i feel anything at all.<br />
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this works for me for everything from Phantom pains, to the pain in the rest of my body, caused by misalignment of my prosthetic.<br />
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I think it is an option that should be considered by all amputees, as it is natural, safe, and above all EFFECTIVE, at managing the pains associated with a residual limb.

i know the hardship of being an amputee, my auntie who i am very close to had one of her legs amputated 2 years ago and its a been a long hard road for her and ive helped the best i can..<br />
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i hope things get better for you though...